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How to String a Weed Eater

A weed eater is a string trimmer that uses a monofilament line to cut weeds. It works well for irregular or steep landscapes. The cutting edge has a long shaft attached to it. They have been around since the 1970s. The hub, head and lower parts of a weed eater are replaceable. Instead of a monofilament line and lower shaft, you can have blades and a chain saw instead. There are plastic or metallic blades. The lower shaft is also replaceable with a hedge trimmer or a cultivator.

String a Weed Eater

Weed Eater String

Weed eaters have one or two strings. The effectiveness of the string of a weed eater diminishes with time. It becomes less effective because of grass, hard objects and weeds. There is a reserve of spool in the weed eater that unwinds every time the head of the trimmer touches the ground. However, this reserve gets depleted with time. When it gets to depletion-point, you need to replace the spool or insert a pre-strung spool.

How to String a Weed Eater

1. Loosen the spool

Press the tabs or loosen the screw of the retaining ring linked to the trimmer head to detach the spool in the weed eater. However, a few weed eaters have the spool attached in a different way.

2. Length of String

Measure a sizeable length of string that is not less than 15 feet based on the dimensions of the spool. If the string happens to be longer than the spool, trim the extra length. Use similar lengths of string if the weed eater requires two strings.

3. How to Wind the String

A full string covers the hole at the core of the spool and determines if replacement is due. First insert a small length of string in the hole. This holds the string as you load the spool. Work on one spool at a go for a best weed eater that has two strings.
Roll the string on the spool in the bearing shown with an arrow situated on the spool. Cover the first layer of the spool and repeat in this order to form layers. This is to prevent knotting while it unwinds. Do the same for the second string. Leave approximately 5 inches of string unrolled.
Bind the untwisted string with a notch that is situated on the spool. Do it for both spools if it is a two-string weed eater. The notch prevents the string from disentangling while you are swapping the spool.


Inexpensive Outdoor Party Lighting Ideas

Outdoor Party LightingThe garden can be a great place to explore Inexpensive Outdoor Party Lighting Ideas. One of the best ways in which to add decoration to the garden is via outdoor lighting ideas. Many inexpensive outdoor party lighting ideas can be incorporated, and in this article we will outline a selection of different ideas for individuals who wish to implement great party lighting ideas to the garden.

If you wish to invest in some string lights you can do so very cheaply from a home store or via the web. Once you have purchased these you can learn some basic origami shapes by using square bits of paper to fold into different shapes that can then be used to cover each individual light. You may also wish to invest in paper which is of a different colour and this will create a selection of interesting colors to the set of lights.

Birthday hats can be used as interesting light lamps and these can be purchased from any party store or home ware store. Once you have purchased the hats you can then adjust them with scissors and then pin them to a string light. Place each party hat over an individual light on the string lights to create a selection of colorful lampshades.

Empty beer bottles are another object that can be used to create a party atmosphere via creative light design. Collect a selection of empty beer bottles and then place them around. Then take some Christmas style string lights and gently place several into each bottle. This also creates interesting effects when different colored bottles are used.

Seashells can be used in a very creative way when creating outside party lighting. For instance, you may wish to place small candles within the shells, so as to provide interesting light effects which are sitting within the shells. You may also choose to place small shells over string lights and then hang them up so that the shelves glow in the evening.


Trees are a great ornament to place lights around and string lights can come in a variety of styles. String lights are great for wrapping around trees and you can do this easily and effectively before lighting the tree up so that it glows in the evening.